Weekly Window

The Window

October 19, 2017

How important is your relationship to Jesus:

  • To you?
  • To your family?
  • To your extended family?
  • To those you work with?
  • To those you play or associate with?

Does your relationship to Jesus take first place in all of these?

If we ever put something else ahead of our relationship to Him, we are in danger of being under the snare of Satan.

One area that is fairly easy to let slide ahead of our relationship to Him is our work for Him.

Others may see our zeal for His work, and think it must be because of such a strong relationship; but it is possible that we are operating completely in our own strength.

If this happens, it is probably only a matter of time before we burn ourselves out.

When the Bible tells us to “let our light shine…” I believe it is saying to let our joy of knowing Jesus be seen by everyone around us.

Our “lamp” needs to be continually refilled with His love, or our light will be “under a bushel basket” of fatigue or depression.

Hope you are having a great, “bright”, week.