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December 7, 2017

I like old things. I love to look at antiques and think about the people who may have used the piece and what they may have done.

I was looking at a picture of an old carriage, and noticed there were two men aboard in addition to whoever may have been inside. One was the driver, called the “coachman”; and the other was standing on the back, called the “footman”.

The coachman got to drive the horses pulling the carriage, while the footman had to take all the dust in the back, and jump down when they stopped to open the door and assist the passengers safely to the ground.

In the “carriage” of each of our lives, it is natural to want to be the coachman; we want to drive the propulsion of our lives, and control the directions we take.

Except, when I drive the horses, I seem to hit every bump in the road; and sometimes I wonder if I am even on the road anymore.

One more thing about the footman… he gets to have a relationship with the folks who are just “along for the ride”. When the carriage stops, and the people disembark, he gets to be of assistance to them; and he gets to know them much better than the coachman (who gets to have a “relationship” with the horses).

So, I think perhaps I would rather be the footman. Then I have time to spend with others in my life, those I care about and love. And why should I worry about a little dust and some bumps? Someday, I won’t have to even think about the dirt; because golden streets won’t be creating any dust at all!

And the coachman? I am sure you have already guessed: let Jesus do the driving! He is the only one who can see the bumps coming around the curve and take the right track to miss them even before I could see them.

What’s that old line? “Get in the back and leave the driving to Him!”

Hope you are having a Wonderful Christmas season.  Chuck